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The Mathematics Information Resource Centre (MIRC) aims to convey information on the primary (i.e. printed books, electronic books, journals & proceedings) and secondary (i.e. dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, histories, collected papers of individual mathematicians, etc.) literature in the Centre collection, and to provide links to various reference and information services for the users of the Centre.

The Consolidated Mathematics Information Resource Catalogue (CMIRC) is a centralized catalogue consists the mathematics information resource collections of divisional/branch libraries i.e. Department of Mathematics, Mathematical Biology, NBHM Regional Centre & JRD Tata Library. This gateway provides access for the mathematics information resources i.e. books, pre-prints, research papers, Ph. D. thesis and M.S. thesis or project reports both in printed & electronic form, with high visibility.

AMS Series (Electronic & Print Version):

Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics (PSAM):Electronic Back-files Collection 1949-2012 (01-71 Volumes); 2014 (Volume 73: Print Version) & 2014 (Volume 73: Print Version)
Contemporary Mathematics (CM):Electronic Back-files Collection 2013 (585-606 Volumes) & 2014 (607-630 Volumes)
Mathematical Survey and Monographs (MSM):Electronic Back-files Collection 1943-2010 (001-034 Volumes); (035-068 Volumes); (069-102 Volumes: Print Version); (103-136 Volumes); (137-169 Volumes); 2011 (170-179 Volumes); 2012-2013 (180-193 Volumes); 2014 (194-201 Volumes); 2015 (202-209 Volumes) & 2016 (210-215 Volumes: Print Version)

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